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Axitherm food processing
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Smallest Food processing sensors

For acurate data just WHERE you need them

For each of your product, for each of your packaging.

Who we are

Axitherm is a service and sensor manufacturing company.

Axitherm's main goal is to measure and optimize all food industry processes using heat, autoclaves and microwaves.

The founder - Alain Fournial - has developped and tested in the last 10 years an unique Know-How to optimize food processing.

Unique Sensors for food processing

Axitherm developped an absolute unique range of loggers : small , reliable and even microwave compatible. Due to this sensors, Axitherm is changing the world and knowledge of sterilization.

Domain of expertise

Axitherm works on ready meals, canned food, baby food, pet food, deserts, meat, fish and cheese each time pasteurization or sterilization is required

Where we go

Now is Axitherm ready to build a worldwide network based on Expertise in food pasteurisation and sterilization.

Axitherm is located in the heart of France, close to the Loire valley.

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