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Smallest Food processing sensors

For acurate data just WHERE you need them

For each of your product, for each of your packaging.

Autoclave Master Expertise

Alain Fournial Axithem's boss has inspected more than 300 food processing facilities, checked and validated more than 1,500 recepies and adapted them for more than 1,000 packaging. Who can beat him ?

Nadège Coubard follows his path with extra qualification and focus on organoleptic changes due to autoclave conducting; retorts testing and validation .

Together they are a kind of autoclave 'dream team'.

Add more than 40 years of experience in all retorts - autoclaves installation, qualification and optimization with a huge inventivity and curiosity and you'll get Axitherm.

Nadège Coubard
Nadege Coubard - Autoclave Expert

Alain Fournial
Alain Fournial - Autoclave Expert & CEO

15 % productivity improvement is an usual result for Axitherm.

Due to Axitherm's rare comprehensive knowledge of retorts food processing, from the very begining of energy production, water, packaging, type of food, request from the clients to the final output, we can reduce your cost and/or improve your productivity. 15% of capacity improvement is just usual to us.

If water is your concern, Axitherm advices can lead to 35% reduction of water consumption.

If energy is an important local cost factor, Axitherm has also effective solutions to offer.

How does Axitherm work ?

Axtherm intervenes

-on yearly-based contracts on-site, to developp products and advise on detailled and global food processing improvement around your autoclaves.

-on emergency problem solving in your food processing unit, (Packaging - Fo - Po)

-on R&D and/or Autoclave conducting teams' formation and skills transfer

-and we also sell our loggers and software .

One story you may like

In Germany in 2015:

Once upon a time, a food processing unit failed many runs and garbaged a large part of the production. With no solution, factory was due to close. A consulting company worked on that matter for 6 month with the help of an universitary research department - with no result.

It just took 6 days to Axitherm to get the right solution.

Discover our skill today to be prepare to face the future

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Validating an autoclave

To proceed very accuratly, validation of an autoclave can require as much as 40 points of measurement.

Axitherm build his own sensors and comes with as many sensors as requested to get a full mapping.

Our knowledges will help you to calculate Fo, Po and every usefull data to be sure about your quality.

Fo or Po validation

Axitherm will provide a validated industrial Fo or Po value with all measurement report, full load test actual products and packaging analysed.

What you will get

First of all security
Because we are so accurate in our logger measurement, Fo calculation Cold points, will be validated.

Secondly the easy way to proceed
You will get for each receipe, for each packaging, the best running autoclave program to get your goal : security, productivity, and taste for the consummer.

Last but not least
We will advise you about all the points that should be watched carrefully in your production site and investment you may have to do

Call Mathias LEONARD - Export Manager
+33 688 311 616 or +33 233 345 779
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