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Axitherm food processing
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Mathias Léonard

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Smallest Food processing sensors

For acurate data just WHERE you need them

For each of your product, for each of your packaging.

FDA validation : Export to the US

Axitherm can be in charge of all test procedure and regulation document to export to the US north american market.

From autoclave validation to your packaging, we offer plain and full service : You are not alone and our results are guaranteed.

You will need temperature distribution, heat distribution and heat penetration data : these are daily job made by Axitherm.

Worldwide partners wanted

For 15 year Axitherm developped and tested method in France and countries nearby in Europe.

In 2016 we start to build a network of partners woldwide. If you are interrested please contact Mathias LEONARD.

What we ask for : an verified access to your country leading agro-processing companies and an experience in autoclave processing.
What we offer : The most specialised loggers for agro-industry and the best knowledge for autoclave optimisation.

Worldwide expertise

Axitherm works for companies worldwide

Axitherm experts travel worldwide to validate your retorts/autoclaves and improve your recipies, packaging and food-production facilities

Just ask us.

Call Mathias LEONARD - Export Manager
+33 688 311 616 or +33 233 345 779
or write

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