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Smallest Food processing sensors

For acurate data just WHERE you need them

For each of your product, for each of your packaging.

Very small specialised sensors ?

Axitherm can put his sensors in the exact middle of each of your products and packagings.

Food processing requires such accuracy for all individual portions.

Our Aximini temperature logger just weights 4.4 g for 2.3 cm³ volume. This sensor has a very small influence of the measurement: It will give you the best result with utmost precision.

For bigger portion our sensors will help you to optimize your food processing cycle with the highest level of security.

Try us and discover the improvement we can offer to you.
Sensors for food processing
Genuine Aximini Sensors - Developped for Food processing

Can sensors follow your products in pipes ?

Our sensor can follow your product during your processing.

Because they are so small, Axitherm loggers can follow your ingredients within the vibratory feeders and pipes.

This can be very usefull for pasteurization nuts, almonds, seeds and all related products.

Versatile and custom made?

Our sensors are versatile and already tested in so many fields.

Still we like innovation and new challenges so much that we like to adapt our knowledge to your very special request and need.

Tell us more.
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